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London Short Film Festival: New Queer Visions: Roots Manoeuvre

New Queer Visions hits the LSFF once more, with two separate strands of with bold and diverse storytelling exploring the queer experience at home and abroad.

ROOTS MANOEUVRE: Whether it is escaping hate or establishing home, finding love or just plain travelling, the dilemma remains – what happens next? A panoply of questions are raised and not always answered in these diverse tales about crossing borders and identities taking shape.

MUKWANO Cecilie McNair 19 mins Denmark
LIBERTÄD Brenda Avila-Hanna 10 mins US
ONE LAST NIGHT Laila Acharon 22 mins Israel
GAYSIANS Vicky Du 13 mins US
RANIYA Sidsel Møller Johnsen 27 mins Denmark

A donation from ticket sales will be donated to the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group and the Queer Kampala International Film Festival.

See full evenings programme here -

See full festival programme here -