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No Tape Inside Fundraiser: Prom + Dogfeet + More

This is a fundraiser night to begin raising funds for a a short film centred around the topic of mental health and exploring this through current music and arts scenes - both the mainstream and the underground.

This is a topic many hold close to their hearts and is something that needs to be discussed more and presented in a way that raises awareness for those suffering in isolation to be reassured that they're not alone.

Mental illness is not a 'disease' or something to be ashamed of, it's all part of being human and is a challenge that allows us to progress and become better human beings as a result. We have the ability to work through it and come out the other side, whether its finding ways to balance yourself or channel your energies in a positive way, this path towards progression is helped through the support and understanding of others.

This film will be styled in a way that it is centered as a music and arts film documenting both the mainstream and the underground, but also filmed in surrealist locations, featuring abstract performances and interviews, having conversations with people that usually wouldn't be had.

Think if Jodorowsky, Jim Jarmusch, Ondi Timoner and David Lynch collaborated on a short film together. I want to bring people into the worlds of some of the best creative minds through this film and encourage the issue of mental health to arise in topics of conversation in a positive way rather than the negative stigmas that currently surround it.

More recently the ICA (in conjunction with CH4 as part of the Stop Play Record programme) have comissioned a 3 minute short on the same topic to be in production over the next 7 months. This is the start of me taking this project further and continue reaching a wider audience.

The Livetree campaign will launch on the same night to begin collecting funds from ticket sales, and any extra donations are highly appreciated.

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