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Mother! (Screening)


You've heard about it! 
Now see it for yourself!

A couple is living a happy, peaceful life. But that tranquil stability is interrupted when another, older couple shows up at their door, looking for a place to stay. What follows is a slow unravelling of sanity, a descent into hellish madness whose twists will surprise even the most jaded viewer. 

Knowing anything more about Aronofsky’s latest creation would ruin it. What you should know is that he has assembled a group of incredible actors to ground this heightened insanity in some reality. Jennifer Lawrence (THE HUNGER GAMES) and Javier Bardem (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN) play the contented couple, while Ed Harris (THE ABYSS) and Michelle Pfeiffer (BATMAN RETURNS) are the unexpected guests. Together they weave a web of intense weirdness that will warp your mind.