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The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

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Steven (Colin Farrell) is a successful surgeon, happily married with two children. He has a nice house and an even nicer watch. He also plays mentor of sorts to teenaged Martin (Barry Keoghan, DUNKIRK), a sinister sort who kicks THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER’s award-winning narrative into sickening motion

Director Yorgos Lanthimos (DOGTOOTH, THE LOBSTER) returns with a tightly-wound, absurdist psychological thriller only he could dream up. Teasing strong performances out of Farrell and Kidman (themselves reteaming after THE BEGUILED), as well as breakout star Keoghan and even a long-missed Alicia Silverstone, Lanthimos exerts a precise, Kubrickian directorial vision over his strange tale of revenge and friendship. It's a film you've never seen the likes of before, but one you won't soon forget.